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Enterprise B2B Content: An Integrated Approach.


If you’re supporting enterprise B2B sales, content silos won’t work.

Your buyers are smart, but they probably don’t understand what you do — not in detail — and they’re not at all sure they should stick with you through the months-long process of learning about your products, freeing up the budget, and getting the right people across their organizations to buy in. So how do you persuade them?

The Wrong Approach to Enterprise B2B Content

Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

  • Always pull together content on the fly.
  • Let marketing, biz dev, inside sales, field sales, and client support go their own ways with messaging, design, and execution of content.
  • Keep scrambling to create ad-hoc content as each new prospect organization raises questions or objections.
  • Act surprised when your prospects and clients are confused about what you offer and why they should care.

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t feel too bad about it — it’s hard to corral everything in the fast-paced of a tech company, and especially a tech startup. But don’t let yourself get complacent, either, because each of the problems listed represents lost opportunities across multiple sales cycles.

The Better Path to Enterprise B2B Content

Here’s what you should do:

  • Think from the top down and the bottom up as you (a) plot a content strategy, and (b) review all the content you already have.
  • Gently but firmly coordinate messaging AND design AND execution of content across teams and functions.
  • Consider each new piece of feedback from clients and prospects as a chance to sharpen all of your content, not just one deck or one report.
  • Head off surprises by harmonizing all of your content across the customer lifecycle — from landing pages to training manuals.

Sounds simple enough — and it is straightforward . . . in principle. But doing in right requires experience and a disciplined approach that combines a holistic strategy with the most hard-nosed tactical implementation.

Now you just need someone who knows how to do all of this for you.

Marketing and Sales Content: The Whole Toolkit

I’ve spent years supporting technology companies in enterprise B2B sales cycles with content that is fresh, engaging, and jargon-free. To me, it doesn’t matter whether the content in question in an e-mail newsletter, a white paper, a sales deck, or a tweet — it should all reinforce the business strategy and go-to-market approach of your company.

Yes, absolutely, the tactics of format, timing, and so on will change for each genre of marketing and sales content. But all of them will focus on the challenges that clients face — well before presenting the gee-whiz features that your solution offers.

I’m focused on your challenges as you try to sell big-ticket technology to enterprise-scale companies.

Shall we talk? Please drop me a line.

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